TV & Film

We field produce television segments, provide scripting and voice-over for commercials, and translation for product packaging and manuals.

Matt Alt is also appears regularly on variety of Japanese television and radio shows.

Chogokin Hello Kitty Promotional Video

Client: Bandai
Content: Japanese to English subtitle translation
(©1976,2015 SANRIO CO.,LTD.)

Syd Mead: Visual Futurist

Syd Mead

Content: 106 minute documentary
English to Japanese subtitle translation

Japanology Plus

Japanology Plus

Client: NHK World
Show: Japanology Plus
"Plus One" Host

Wonder Tohoku

Matt Alt on Wonder Tohoku

Client: NHK
Show: "Topics Eikaiwa"
12 Episodes
Script, on-camera appearance

Honda "Connecting lifelines"

Client: Shipoo & Dentsu
Translation and voice-over

Tokyo Monsters Attack!

Client: National Geographic Channel
Show: "NatGeo Amazing!"
Concept, script, field production

Giant Japanese Salamanders

Client: National Geographic Channel
Show: "Wild Chronicles"
Concept, script, field production

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